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How to Reinvent Brochures for your Business

Need a fresh and new concept for brochure printing? Let me tell you how you can reinvent your own brochure printing for business in five simple ways. It is very simple to actually reinvent your brochures. All you really need is the basic method of reinvention and a creative mind. Let me get you started in doing this by giving you the first way of reinvention, and that is reimagining the shape and configuration of your color brochures.

1. Re-imagine your brochure’s shape and configuration

The first easy way to reinvent your color brochures is to basically change your brochure’s overall look. This is done by changing its shape or using a different configuration or brochure fold.

Many creative designers have dabbled with changing a brochure’s shape. Some have used common shapes, such as making a round brochure, a triangular brochure or even octagonal brochures. Others have gone beyond conventional and have used very creative shapes such as Christmas Trees and even some animals shapes. It all really depends on the theme of your brochure, but as long as you have the right shape in mind, you can reinvent your brochure quite creatively with the right brochure shape.

In terms of the folds, there are many fold types in brochure printing. Besides the basic tri-fold brochure, you also have folds like the Gate fold, the French fold and the Z fold. These folds help you make the brochure’s content look a little bit more different and fresh. Coupled with a unique shape, you will surely have a truly new type of color brochure created for your purposes.

2. Consider using different materials

Another good trick to reinvent your brochure printing is to use a different material for printing altogether. That is right! Besides using the traditional paper materials, you can add in a different material to your brochure printing to make it look a bit different. Some people have been known to use cardboard, plastics and special textured paper to make their brochure printing look very interesting. If you really want that original look, you might want to consider using different materials.

3. Go beyond printed designs – Besides relying on printed designs to make your color brochures beautiful, you should also trying going beyond them by attaching more physical decorations. One great way to reinvent your color brochures is to add ribbons, studs and embossed elements into the color brochures themselves. This gives the color brochure that three dimensional design element that can really make it look fresh and original. Of course, this will make the brochure printing a little bit more expensive, but it will be all worth it since most people will remember color brochures designed like this.

4. Create an interactive environment – Some people have also been known to add that interactive element in their custom brochures to make things look new and interesting for their readers. Interactive brochures usually have some movable elements much like a pop-up book. This makes reading the brochure a joy as that Interactive element can simultaneously inform and engage readers, making for wonderful printed entertainment.

5. Add new brochure functions – Finally, on the business side of things, you can actually reinvent your brochures by adding some new functions to it. For example, besides being a carrier of information, it might also become a coupon holder, a business card holder or maybe even a ticket. This addition of functions can make a color brochure very good at its job, leading you to more savings as it can do more jobs for the same price. So why not reinvent your brochure and give it new functions?

So those are the things you can do to reinvent your brochure printing. Why don’t you try it out?


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